Ayurvedic Postpartum Care // $5,000

  • 6 weeks of full Ayurvedic support after birth
  • Grocery shopping for all of the ingredients you need each week, sourced from high-quality, organic, sustainable sources
  • I will visit your home 1-2 days per week to deliver:
    • 1 day of meals each week completely prepared for you and delivered to your home, plus a meal plan including recipes, detailed instructions, and ingredients prepped and portioned for you/your support person to prepare throughout the week
    • A full week’s worth of herbal supplements to support your rejuvenation and healing
    • Herbal oil massage
    • Herbal/floral bath
    • Belly binding
  • A consultation to go over how you can support your healing using daily rituals/routines aligned with Ayurveda, and weekly check-ins about how it’s going
  • All ingredients are stored and prepared using nontoxic materials
  • I’m always available by text or phone to answer questions about your care!
  • The listed price includes all groceries and supplies
  • Can be personalized – option to purchase one week at a time, or purchase only the components of the plan that resonate with you. Pricing can be adjusted based on personalization.
  • Payment plans available

Hourly Postpartum Care // $50/hr

  • In-home support for anything and everything you need: cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.
  • Meal prep
  • Emotional support postpartum
  • Light breastfeeding support
  • Taking over infant care so you can shower/take a nap/take care of YOU!

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