Why I (Mostly) Stopped Teaching Yoga for Free… And Where You Can Still Practice with Me!

My values are the same: I want my students to feel loved, empowered, welcome, and safe in their bodies. But my mindset around myself as a teacher has completely changed. And because of that, the ways I’m investing my time have shifted.

My journey of self-discovery and healing through yoga practice

One of the most difficult and beautiful things my practice has brought me is self-acceptance and the ability to be vulnerable with all the pieces of myself, including the ones that aren’t so easy to face. So, in the spirit of vulnerability, I figured I should share some of that with you and let you get to know me.

Setting loving and kind intentions in the new year

You are enough. You are worthy. There is nothing about you that needs to change. And if something about you does change in any way, you will still be exactly as worthy as you are in this moment. You do not get your value from what you do, how you look, or what you’ve achieved.