5 Ways Investing in Private Yoga Lessons Can Level-Up Your Practice

You’ll learn how to make your practice fit your body

Every single body is different, which means we all have different needs and obstacles in our yoga practices. In group classes, it’s difficult to teach to every single student’s needs all the time. There just isn’t time to go over every variation and option for each pose (because there are so many!) especially in a Vinyasa-style class when you’re keeping a consistent pace with your breath. In a perfect world, every instruction given in a group class would resonate with every student, but that’s just not the case because every yogi is unique! When you’re in a private lesson, you have the opportunity to work with your teacher according to your specific needs. Every instruction will be specially tailored to you, and you’ll get the best possible practice for you, every time. What’s more, if something you try isn’t working for you, you can communicate that with your teacher and your teacher can help you find an alternative. You’ll even be able to use your new skills and customizations in your practice the next time you go to a group class!

You’ll build a foundation for a safer practice

When you have a teacher there to watch you during your practice, they’ll be able to observe each movement you make and refine your alignment. If anything is a little off, they have the time and the leeway to work with you on it and either make tiny adjustments to make the pose safer or find an alternative that works better for you. Especially in poses you’re doing over and over, having correct alignment can mean the difference between a nurturing practice and a chronic injury. Making the investment in proper form now will pay off in the future.

You’ll be able to target specific goals

Working toward the splits? Cross-training for a marathon? Rehabilitating an injury? You can spend your entire time in your private lesson working on whatever you want! It’s like making your own practice, tailored exactly to you, without having to do any of the planning work and with the guidance of someone who understands anatomy, alignment, and how poses work together. What could be better?

You’ll have accountability

Usually, when you sign up for private lessons, you’ll agree on a time for you and your teacher to meet regularly (for example, you might sign up for 10, 30-minute lessons, and schedule them every Tuesday and Thursday morning for 5 weeks). This will help you stick to a more consistent schedule, and that consistency will pay off! The more consistently you practice, especially when working toward targeted goals, the more you’ll notice improvement. 

You’ll go beyond the asana (if you want to)

Did you know there are 8 limbs of yoga, and the physical postures only make up 1 of those 8 limbs? This means that yoga goes way beyond the physical to incorporate meditation, breathwork, and even lifestyle. As part of their training, most yoga teachers have knowledge around these other 7 limbs and can impart that knowledge to their students. However, it’s difficult to find the time to delve into these deeper subjects during an hourlong class, especially because most studios in the United States ask their teachers to focus on the postures, not the spiritual aspects of yoga. However, speaking from personal experience, your entire yoga practice becomes more deep, meaningful, and healing when all of the limbs are incorporated. Taking private lessons is your opportunity to explore these other 7 limbs with your teacher.

Taking private lessons can provide a myriad of benefits for yogis of all backgrounds and levels, from providing accountability to encouraging a deeper physical and spiritual practice. If you’re interested in learning more about taking private lessons with me, you can sign up for a complementary consultation here to see if they’re right for you! No matter what, when it comes to investing in yourself and your yoga practice, you’ll be so glad you did.

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